Dozens of Dengue Cases Reported in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: Dengue virus cases continue to increase in Punjab province, dozens more cases were reported in Rawalpindi.

According to details, dengue virus has been confirmed in 27 more people in Rawalpindi during the last 24 hours. According to officials, 20 patients are undergoing treatment at Holy Family Hospital, 6 at DHQ and 1 at BBH.

Health officials say the number of confirmed dengue patients across the city has reached 93, with the condition of six dengue patients at the Holy Family Hospital being critical.

So far, 441 cases have been reported in Holy Family Hospital, 130 in BBH and 51 in BBH.

The three government hospitals have 187 beds for dengue patients, the Holy Family Hospital has 125 beds, the district headquarters has 32 beds and the BBH has 30 beds.

The health department said a total of 529 people were discharged from the three hospitals after recovery. 375 people recovered from Holy Family Hospital, 125 from Benazir Bhutto Hospital and 29 from District Headquarters.