Liberland's Diplomats Joined Forces to help people Immigrate to El Salvador

Two Diplomats of Liberland Open Business to help people immigrate to El Salvador.

Two of Liberland’s diplomats have joined forces in the private sector to help people move to, get residence in, and potentially acquire passports from El Salvador.

Diplomats of Liberland Ready to Help People Move to El Salvador
Liberlanders at the Benjamin Bloom National Children’s Hospital in El Salvador. Two of these men, Juan Carlos Gorospe (wearing a red tie behind the Liberland flag) and Joey Langenbrunner (second person from the viewer’s left) would go on to start an immigration service company to help people make El Salvador their new home.

Why El Salvador?
The 21,041 km2 Latin American country is now famous for its adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. Its government also has a special focus on developing a Bitcoin-centric economy through efforts such as building Bitcoin City, a futuristic municipality intended to be exempt from almost all forms of government taxation. Obviously, this type of messaging shares a lot in common with Liberland, which boasts itself as being Bitcoin-friendly, having a voluntary tax system, and working with architects to build a stylish skyline.

In 2021, Liberland made a diplomatic visit to El Salvador, with President Vít Jedlička arriving on his Liberland Diplomatic Passport. During that visit, Liberland representatives met with several important Salvadorian officials. Also, the Liberland Aid Foundation (a private charity arm of the Liberland community), donated over 1 whole Bitcoin to a local children’s hospital. That donation even received a shout-out from El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele!

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In attendance during these diplomatic events were Representative to El Salvador for Liberland Juan Carlos Gorospe, as well as Deputy Representative to the USA for Liberland Joey Langenbrunner.

Less than six months after that visit, these two Liberlandian Bitcoiners founded a startup called El Salvador CIP.

The company
El Salvador CIP (short for “El Salvador Visa, Residency & Citizenship Investment Program“) is an agency to help people to come to El Salvador.

From their website:

“El Salvador CIP was born on March 2022 due to the demand of people from all over the world wanting to come to El Salvador and live the dream. Doesn’t matter if your dream is surf, great climate, bitcoin or simple retirement. We have you covered.

“El Salvador CIP is a government approved agency to accept paperwork and go through all the requirements and red tape, so you don’t have to. We will provide you with your Visa, Residency or Passport in a way no one else will, fully turnkey and hassle-free.”

El Salvador CIP’s ‘About’ page
On their website, El Salvador CIP has a breakdown of El Salvador’s Digital Nomad Visa, Residence Permits, and the exciting possible Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program which is being considered by the Salvadorian government.

Between the two co-founders, Gorospe is the company’s Chief Operations Officer, while Langenbrunner is the Chief Sales Officer.

El Salvador CIP can be reached by email (, phone, and WhatsApp, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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