KARACHI (Rana Ali Zohaib): CTD has arrested two Indian-trained terrorists from Mirpur Khas. The accused have revealed links with Wasi Jalil and Anis Advocate.

According to details, DIG CTD Omar Shahid while giving a press conference in Civil Line said that the arrested terrorists of MQM London group made revelations and also mentioned the names of some MQM leaders. CTD Mirpur Khas is important in this context. The operation was carried out where 2 terrorists were arrested last night and a large number of weapons were also found, including anti-aircraft guns and other weapons.

Omar Shahid said that according to the accused, the policy of the founder of MQM was to send workers to India. The arrested accused have also received training from India while the arrested persons revealed their contact with Wasi Jalil and others. Kept

The DIG CTD said that the founder of MQM, APMSO, had planned to send boys from Sindh to Kwandia. Some of the boys admitted to going to different cities of India and taking training there. Camel riding was also trained.

An audio recording containing allegations of terrorism against Wasi Jalil was also heard at the press conference. Omar Shahid said that so far 2 important names Anis Advocate and Wasi Jalil have come to light in the arrests. They will be summoned, they have been barred from leaving the country, they will be challaned if more facts come to light.

The DIG CTD said that important evidence related to Anis Advocate was found. Anis Advocate had the task of sending boys abroad for military training. This is at the discretion of the investigating officer.

He further said that 19 advocates could not leave the country at present, some of their suspicious bank transactions have also come to light, it is possible that the name of 19 advocates may be included in the fourth schedule.

Omar Shahid said that we are also trying to bring Wasi Jalil home. He is currently in the United States. A series of correspondence in this regard is being continued by CTD.

DIG CTD said that at present we do not have any more questions for Farooq Sattar, therefore we did not call him. Dr. Farooq Sattar had doubts and suspicions.