Gujarat Congress MLA Vimal Chudasama was on Monday evicted from the Legislative Assembly on the orders of Speaker Rajendra Trivedi for coming to the House wearing a T-shirt.

While the Speaker insisted that MLAs maintain decorum and refrain from wearing T-shirt in the House, the opposition Congress opposed Trivedi’s decision, claiming there was no rule prohibiting members from wearing specific clothes while attending the House proceedings.

Around a week back, Trivedi had asked first-time MLA Chudasama not to come the House wearing a T-shirt and urged him to take care next time. The Speaker was of the opinion that MLAs should either wear a shirt or kurta, to maintain their dignity and decorum of the House. When Chudasama (40), who represents the Somnath Assembly seat, again came to the House wearing a T-shirt on Monday, Trivedi reminded him of his earlier instruction and asked him to come back after wearing a shirt, or a kurta, or a blazer.