China Paid of Friendship by Supporting Pakistan in Critical Economic Situation : Ikhtyar Wali

PESHAWAR, 13 March: Pakistan faced a lot of destitution and challenges after Imran Khan came in power, and is still facing the hard times which are the consequences of his government deals with IMF, which were left incomplete and now Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group,(ruling party of Pakistan) is working hard to cover those consequences being brought to Pakistan by Imran Khan government.

Government says that a few months are harder; we are getting loans from IMF, China and Saudi Arabia to revitalize our economy. Soon we will see provision of free flour to poor people of Pakistan, as it is said that cheaper wheat grain have been imported to Pakistan in few days, while cheaper petrol, diesel and crude oil is on the way to Pakistan and the people will enjoy it in the month of March.

These views were expressed by Mr. Ikhtiyar Wali, a Parliamentary leader of PMLN KPK, and also serving as Provincial Spokesperson of Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Group, KPK chapter, in an exclusive interview held at Peshawar.

Ikhtiyar Wali while commenting on current price hike and law and order situation in the Pakistan said that the price hike is a legacy from the previous government. He said that when last time PML N was in rule in 2016, We paid to our last installment to the IMF and bade it adieu, while IMF offered for another loan but we refused by saying that we don’t need any kind of loan and your support, as we have already stood up and can survive without any stand.

Wali termed the elections held in the history of Pakistan, as the black history of 2018, which was being rigged and managed by General Faiz type of people and a play lead was being prepared for Imran Khan, through the corridors of judiciary of Pakistan with the support of Ex Chief Justice Saqib Nisar and in the result so called Tabdeli was been brought in country .

He held responsible Imran Khan for knocking again at the door of IMF after he came into rein. At that time Pakistan was under debts of 27,000 billion rupee and now after when he has left government, Pakistan is with the debts of almost 53,000 billion. So if we took this much amount of loan, definitely, the price hike will be an ultimate result, which we are facing now.

When the Party Provincial Chief was asked about the First Supporter country who came in front to hold the hand of Pakistan in this critical economic times, in response he was much thankful to China and called China a real true friend of Pakistan, and termed the friendship relationship with the China more deeper than sea and more higher than mountains and sweeter than honey, as China always proved its friendship in the time of need.

He said Prime Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif went on the visit of Qatar for a couple of days where he met with Sheikh Tamim, who will also provide a relief aid to Pakistan. Similarly Saudi Arab has also announced various kinds of projects to kick off in Pakistan.

Talking about the terrorism wave particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, when he was asked about the measures to deal with the impact of the Taliban’s frequent attacks on the local area and even on the Pakistani economy, Ikhtyar Wali said that unfortunately we faced up the tabdeli type of government in Pakistan and specifically in this province for incessant 10 years . In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province military operations like Zarb e azab, Rad ul Fasad, and other operations by military forces always gone successful which led to peace in this province and throughout Pakistan.

When the question regarding the prediction of the Taliban’s future actions may further threaten the safety of Pakistani citizens? He replied that as mentioned earlier Pakistan Army, Navy and Air force plus other security agencies are doing their jobs well, and are safeguards of their people. Our police force is actively working on the safety in different cities, although they are mostly on terrorist target but their morale is always high and they cannot threat the safety of our people, But unfortunately, the people like Mahmoud Khan, who was the Ex- chief minister of province and some other people; they brought the Taliban back through districts Chitral, Swat and Waziristan and put the peace on Stake once again.

So there are so many other operations by law enforcement agencies which are still underway and our Army is doing their job well and Insha Allah we will achieve the goal of peace country vide, and we will brought a very peaceful Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to its people.
Answering the question about the Muslim League party’s views on the future political situation of Pakistan and the current ruling party, Ikhtiyar Wali said that we took this government only to save our country. If we will not have been into this government and Mr. Khan was not being thrown out from the parliament through a constitutional act of like, vote of no confidence, then the whole country, all the provinces, all your airports, your Gwadar Port, seaport, and your railway system and motorways, all those would have been gone and that you would not the owner of these properties now, as that has been pledged with the IMF and all your country was for sale.

So now if we came we put all our political stakes and we are paying the cost of this government, but we know that we are the people who can save the country and can save the people, can save the economy and all each and every asset of Pakistan. So we are doing our job very honestly. He said that we are very optimistic to achieve positively all the goals. He assured all the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and even people of Pakistan that the country and its assets are now in safe hands and Insha Allah the day is not so far when we’ll make our country Pakistan as an Asian Tiger and we will achieve all our goals and you will see very rising economy of country in the future.

When we asked the question that whether the Taliban be able to destroy the interests of major powers in Pakistan, such as whether the interests of the United States, India, Russia, China and other countries in Pakistan will be destroyed. What is their attitude towards these big countries? Ikhtiyar Wali responded in a big “No”, They don’t have the qualities and guts to destroy our country, nobody and nothing can destroy Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is a nuclear power. Pakistan is a country with an excellent military force. Pakistan is equipped with a highly equipped Navy and Pakistan has a very advanced air force like the PAF Pakistan Air Force and as always we have a very capable and very brave police force. So nothing can distract them. Nothing can destroy more even though we are facing some problems but I assure the whole nation that very soon insha allah we will get it and we will control it and all things will be in the grip of Pakistan and Pakistan will remain like this..

So far is the question regarding Pakistan’s attitude towards these big international powers is concerned, I would say that Pakistan is a democratic country. And PMLN is one of the largest ruling party of Pakistan. This is our history, that whenever we came in power, we tried our level best to make very good relationship with all our neighbor, including Iran, Afghanistan, India, China, all our neighbours, not only neighbours.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, he made some very good ties with Russia and that is our legacy and we want a very better and very beautiful, very friendly relationship with everyone who is if they are at peace with Pakistan, so we don’t have any problem with them. So if anyone, any country, like US, India, China, Russia, and we don’t want to put the things on stacks and even we dont want any collision with India. We want some very good friendship with a very friendly relationship with India. If they are interested in trade, Pakistan can move forward as well. So I think PMLN is always looking forward to make some good relationships with all its neighbours and surrounding countries.
Replying the question asked about General Elections in Pakistan, that can Pakistani people see Elections sooner or later on cards, Provincial Party Chief replied that the tenure of the federal government the National Assembly, Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan assemblies will end up in the month of October.

Since the two assemblies like Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been dissolved by the vicious planning’s of Imran khan. So if they want again election in this kind of circumstances like we have nothing to put in our economy and to give some relief to the poor people. So in this situation how can one talk about elections, even when military operations are underway and Law and order situation is so poor, how can we go into elections like supplementary or bi election before the time just for two assemblies?
So, I think there is a provision and there is a space, which fairly can be covered like to put this election and postponed it till the next general election that would be held in October/November, that would be much better for the betterment of Pakistan. This time I think that our primary goal is to revitalize and re strengthen our economy, it is our primary goal not the election, and even it is included in our secondary preference.