ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif has said that the government has ruined the country in a storm of inflation.

Initiating the debate on the budget in the National Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif said that the people sent us to the Assembly for legislation with hope. What happened in the House in the last few days was very worrying. The daily cost of the proceedings of this House is crores of rupees which are spent from the wealth of the people. We have come here to heal the sorrows of the people, we have come here to restore Pakistan to its lost place, we have come here to talk about laborers, farmers, orphans and wives, our decision was to listen to us. If we listen to them, what happened has sent a very wrong message not only to Pakistan but to the whole world.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the legislation that has been passed in recent days is not in accordance with the constitution and law, there are many flaws in the legislation but our voice was not heard, we played our role in the Senate and stopped it. A committee should be formed in this regard. The Speaker said that a committee comprising members of the government and the opposition would be formed to review the legislative process.

The Leader of the Opposition said that the 66-page speech was made and every page mentioned inflation, poverty and misery. Everyone saw what happened in the country in the last three years. We think that if the pockets of the poor people If it is empty, then the budget is fake. Taxes have been levied during the last 3 years, yet revenue has not increased, children’s schools have been missed, the poor are not getting even half a loaf of bread, this budget will bring more misery. When we left the government in July 2018, the GDP was 5.8%, the lowest economic growth in the country’s history since 1952 in 3 years, in those 3 years 20 million people went below the poverty line. Labor income has declined by 18% in 3 years.

The PML-N President said that the government had ruined the country in the storm of inflation. We cannot reach the hearts of the people despite realizing it. A large number of government employees have also fallen below the poverty line. People are asking where are the 10 million jobs in the 66 pages of the budget speech. What could be a bigger deception than not putting a single brick, they put their plaques on the projects that were completed under Nawaz Sharif’s government, currently the highest level of unemployment in the history of the country. At present, every Pakistani is carrying the weight of one and a half lakh debt, the one who reaches out cannot decide for himself.

Shahbaz Sharif said that one can think that the state of Madinah is practically empty by making claims. To say that we will create a new Pakistan. In the case of inflation, poverty, unemployment and problems, it is surprising if there is talk of a new Pakistan, the old Pakistan was better than that, in which the previous governments did something and took Pakistan forward, the budget is not people friendly, people hostile. Yes, there is as much mistrust between the provinces today, there is no consensus between the provinces and the federation today, there is no precedent in history.