Azmat Expressed Concerns Over Party Chairman Trial & Arrest of Colleagues by India

LONDON:  Professor Azmat Khan, the Secretary General of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front from London has expressed grave concerns over the conspired trial of party chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik and further arrest of a number of senior party officials in Srinagar.

Azmat Khan said both the trial of Mr. Malik and arrest of the party colleagues are politically motivated decisions. Yasin Malik was released in 1996 by the then Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh on the basis of a political decision, but the current Indian prime minister Modi violated all democratic rules, broke the Indian law and arrested several Kashmiri politicians and abrogated the special status of Jammu Kashmir on 5 of August 2019.

It led to a widespread protest both at home and abroad. Professor Azmat said the struggle for reunification of Jammu Kashmir will continue no matter what India might do.