Austria Vienna -Ashiana Awan's residence ceremony regarding the stability of Pakistan

VIENNA: Awan Transport Vienna Director Haji Malik Muhammad Amin Awan’s residence Ashiana Awan organized a ceremony and iftar dinner regarding the stability of Pakistan on Sunday, April 9 after Asar prayer, in which the religious, social, welfare, political, The business community participated in Vienna Austria.

Before the ceremony started, the host Haji Malik Amin Awan welcomed all the attendees to Ashiana Awan. The ceremony started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mubasher Qadri. Malik Amin Awan performed the administrative duties. The speakers who gave their speeches on this occasion were among them. Prof. Shaukat Musrat Awan, Alhaj Khawaja Naseem, Prof. Raja Azhar Sialvi, Pak-Austrian Community President Chaudhry Qamar, Fahim Babar Khan and Muhammad Umer were included.

The speakers said in their speeches. The stability of Pakistan is the voice of the heart of every Pakistani. We have to make Pakistan stable and strong in the light of “Pegam Pakistan”. We thank Allah. We have the roof and identity of our beloved homeland Pakistan, which was dreamed by poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal and for the realization of which a visionary person like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah played the role of guiding the nation so that it Millions of Muslims living in the subcontinent of time can live their lives freely in the light of their religion, history, heritage and traditions.

Further speakers said that the enemy is creating instability in the country by fueling terrorism, the enemy wants to destabilize and fight us not only by creating conflicts but also by supporting terrorists in Pakistan. We are always ready to defeat the nefarious intentions of the enemy. Propaganda against institutions Pakistani Army on social media is a sad act, we strongly condemn it.

Politics has its place but we as Pakistanis should think of the country first, be it politicians or common people, everyone has to think of Pakistan above all else. For a patriot, Pakistani is always above any prejudice. In the end, Qari Shabbir will make a special prayer for the development, prosperity, prosperity of the Muslim Ummah and Pakistan, the Pakistan Army and the participants. Host Malik Amin Awan thanked the guests for participating in the event regarding the stability of Pakistan.