Vienna: International artist Behnaz Monfared exhibited her artwork In Vienna, Austria. In that exhibition various people participated. The Behnaz Monfared is being featured as the subject of an exhibition of artworks in Picture that highlight Peace, Humanity and Solidarity.

The exhibition brought artist Behnaz Monfared to display works that transmit messages of respect, unity, diversity and inclusion. Exhibition aims to explore and artistically convey ideas around achieving peace through justice, equality and honoring of differences among all people, said Ms.Behnaz Monfared.

She said it is so important for us to strive to make sure and spread the beauty of life around us in the form of art and culture.

She Born in 1988 in Tehran , Iran . Behnaz Monfared is an visual artist who has been inspired and influenced by global language of visual arts. Growing up in a family where art was part of life , her father is a challigrapher so very soon she leaned about Iranian traditional art. Monfared received a BA in graphic design in 2005 . From early on Behnaz was focused on graphic design and illustration but her passion that she works on for years is peace art. She believed in reflect peace and hope through her art works so her passion leads her to have several national and international exhibitions and festivals likes Serbia , Netherlands , Austria. As part of the process of art making Monfared is engaged with extensive research study areas of psychology , history of war in Iran , mythical stories and the philosophy of inner peace. She does not limit herself to a particular techniques like illustration , video art and photomontage because she believes that with each technics a different section of the subject can be shown. Finding inner peace is somehow building herself a new world and to cherish this opportunity she took it upon herself to share her passion by her art . As a female artist, most of the topics she has chosen are about women’s issues. In most of her projects, she deals with how women have reach to hope in difficult circumstances like war. She believes that the war has been hardly looked through a women’s eyes. But it is not enough for her, she studies on world peace activists, documenting women and addressing the issue of “inner peace”. In her view, art is a kind of adventure that ultimately addresses life and hope. Most of this adventure is of course internal, and she will be more likely to focus on this in her future project.