VIENNA: Senior Vice President of International Association of Pakistani Journalists (IAPJ) Muhammad Amir Siddique and Member of ÖJC Öesstrich Journalist Club, today  express deep sorrow and regret on behalf of Arshad Sharif’s family and all his loved ones in the journalist community. I express my condolences on behalf of the team, the special correspondent of ARY News and all the journalists around the world. I pray that Allah Almighty grants him a high place in Jannat al-Firdous, Amen.

Senior journalist and former anchor of ARY News Arshad Sharif has been martyred by gunshots near Nairobi, Kenya. According to ARY News, the incident took place in an area two hours away from Nairobi, Kenya.

Arshad Sharif was martyred by a bullet. The police in Kenya have confirmed his death and started an investigation into the accident. are, while initially it has been suggested that the attack was carried out with a gun. Arshad Sharif was an experienced journalist and one of the greatest news anchors of Pakistan.

ARY News’ show Powerplay was his last show on television as a TV anchor. He has worked for leading news channels and newspapers of the country in the past. He was awarded the ‘Presidential Pride of Performance’ in the year 2019 for his exceptional journalism services.