The Pakistan Army has withdrawn all post-retirement benefits of five retired officers,

ISLAMABAD (Ansar Abbasi-Geo News) The Army has withdrawn pension benefits from five former officers including Major General for conducting anti-army campaign.

The Pakistan Army has withdrawn all post-retirement benefits of five retired officers, including the former Major General. These benefits include pensions and free medical care.

Reliable sources told The News that the GHQ had initiated action against the five retired officers at least two weeks before Maryam Nawaz’s statement on the issue.

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He lamented that on the media and especially on social media some YouTubers are spreading all kinds of lies and irresponsible statements without confirmation, the army hopes that the government will take action against those elements who are behind the army. Defaming the organization.

The correspondent asked defense sources whether the number of retired army officers whose pension benefits have been withdrawn is close to 150 and whether any action against them has anything to do with Maryam Nawaz’s statement.

He demanded that the privileges and military medals of all the retired generals who were campaigning for the PTI be withdrawn. In response to these questions, The News was told that the GHQ has taken action against only five retired officers in accordance with the constitution and law. The social media report that action has been taken against 150 former military officers is absolutely false ۔

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Sources said that the retired officers against whom action was taken were officers of rank from Major to Major General. Sources clarified that the said officers were campaigning against the army, they were warned and action was taken against them as per law.

Sources said that these punishments were given to them under the Official Secrets Act because the said officers had gone too far in their propaganda against the institution.

Sources linked to YouTubers linking the military operation to Maryam Nawaz’s statement said that the GHQ had made this decision at least two weeks before Maryam Nawaz’s press conference so it had nothing to do with each other. Is.

Sources lamented that neither the media nor the government took any action against the media persons and YouTubers who are defaming the organization on a daily basis, it is very serious and dangerous for everyone. ۔

Sources said that after Imran Khan’s departure from the Prime Minister’s House, a group of retired officers, including three retired generals, became part of the PTI social media campaign. While the majority reconsidered their position and refrained from crossing the line.

Recently, some retired army officers, including at least two three-star generals, held a press conference in Islamabad which was purely an allegation.

Maryam Nawaz raised her voice against these retired generals while GHQ had initiated action against five retired officers before their press conference.