“And that’s All Lovе”

She only gets prettier over the years,
She is gentle, innocent and sweet.
No one will dare to offend her
She is pure as an angel and bright.

Will outshine the whole world with its beauty,
She will ascend to the throne with a degree and modesty.
Everyone considers her almost holy
Her soul is so tender, bright.

And it’s all love, with dreams and hopes.
And it’s all love, then autumn, then spring.
A fusion of hearts and boundless feelings
She will share, she will… And it’s all love!

Vicious and unrestrained happens,
Unbearable, windy, city.
It changes its colors unrestrainedly
It will destroy the world and save it.

And yet we can’t live without it,
We will not be able to believe, feel, breathe.
She is dearer to us than anything in the world,
One is a stepmother, the other is a devoted mother.

  “Irina Shulgina”