Aleem Khan Challenged Imran Khan to Debate on Live TV

Lahore: Aleem Khan accused PTI chairman Imran Khan’s allegations against Aleem Khan and challenged him to a debate on TV. 

Imran Khan had said in an interview that Aleem Khan and Jahangir Tareen’s aim was to take advantage after coming to power.

Chairman PTI said that Aleem Khan wanted to legalize his 300 acres of land while Jahangir Tareen’s problem was Sugar Commission.

Responding to Imran Khan’s allegations, Aleem Khan said that he saw Imran Khan’s interview. Imran Khan alleged that Aleem Khan wanted to legalize 300 acres of land. I stood with Imran Khan in opposition from 2010 to 2018. I had the society in 2010 which I still have today. Imran Khan came to this society on the death of my father.

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He said that 10 years ago I found out that Imran Khan will be the Prime Minister in 2018, I have 300 acres not 3000 acres of land, I did not acquire the land but bought it from private landlords, this land is now Rhoda This authority is created by Imran Khan. How can Roda buy these lands at government price and give them to private developers?

Aleem Khan said that now it should be investigated to which developers these lands were given, the lands were bought at government rate and given to the private developers of their choice. Are the relatives of the Vice Chairman of LDA also included in these developers? Plazas were built by acquiring land at government rate. If your golf course can be built under Roda, then why not Aleem Khan’s society? If Rhoda Project is Brown then how can my land be green there?

The deviant member of PTI said, “In every difficult time, did I stand up to change the status of 300 acres?” If you make false accusations against me, I will not remain silent. If you take my name with distinction, I will also take your name with distinction. Sit together, then tell the truth so that the people know what is the real face of Aleem Khan, Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan.

He said, “Listen Imran Khan, I have more than 10,000 acres of land at present. You blamed 300 acres for my hard work and effort. Tell the truth to the people and tell them the facts.”

Aleem Khan said that he had met the American and European ambassadors at Imran Khan’s house. If you can meet the British ambassador before coming to the government then why not in the government. See who has been meeting the ambassadors, what is the standard that what you get besides you is a traitor.

He further said that we are silent under expediency, you do politics, seduce people and tell lies but I will tell the truth.