AJK Government Urged to Support Special Education

Mir Pur: Congratulating the Kashmir Institute of Special Education (KISE) for upholding its Matric Board result 2022, a political and human rights activist Quayyum Raja has urged the Government of Azad Kashmir to support the special education. He said the nations are judged by the way they treat and help those members of their society who can’t help themselves.

KISE’s contribution in this regard is remarkable but in order to enhance the status of Special Education and help special children to compete the normal children, it needs support from the government. Quayyum Raja said it is not good enough to enable special children to get education, but help them to compete in the Labour Market so that they can enjoy an independent life and feel as useful as rest of the people in society.

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Six special students of KISE participated along with normal children in matric Mir Pur Board Examination and got distinction. Zohaib Ashfaq topped the KISE obtaining 944 marks. Quayyum Raja suggested that the government should fix a special job quota for the special students.

KISE is run by the Ansari Welfare Trust whose Director Dr. Amjad Ensari said that his children did well despite a lack of necessary facilities and support from AJK Education Board for special children. He paid tribute to his staff for their great efforts and congratulated the children for their achievement.

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