Africa Day 2023 Was Celebrated at the United Nations in Vienna

Africa Day was celebrated at the United Nations Date and Day Tuesday, 30th May 2023 in Vienna۔ Three events were organized on this occasion, in which a press conference was first held at ten in the morning, followed by the official start of the program at three in the afternoon, a conference was thrown, and finally, a special ceremony was held at the United Nations in Vienna. Where the African people of modesty the people with their clothes and food, African music was also played there which was much appreciated by the people.

The press conference as part of a ceremony on the occasion of the Africa Interactive Africa day 2023 organized VIC press room at 10 a.m. Prof. Dr. Titus Leber, director, creator interactive large-scale cultural projects and Africa expert presents his initiative AFRICA INTERACTIVE.

Speakers who spoke on the occasion included:

Welcome Remarks H.E. Philbert Abaka Johnson, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ghana, Chair of the Africa Group and Special speak Prof. Dr. Titus Liver. In his speech, the professor said while talking to the media how could African cultural heritage scattered to the four winds be networked in such a way that it becomes easily accessible for everyone and intuitively navigable via smart media?(Africa Interactive =Al) In what way could the data field generated in this way, potentiated with the methods of artificial intelligence, lead to a constructive self-understanding and a more positive perception of the continent. (Africa Interactive x Artificial Intelligence = Al 2) He said Can a healing process be accelerated in this way, which contributes to mutual respect at eye level, which is essential for a prosperous future. (Africa Interactive x Artificial Intelligence x African Identity = Al 3) What role does virtual restitution play in the context of the restitution debate. On this occasion, a formal film was shown and told how we are starting development programs in Africa. In the end, he answered the questions of the journalists. The second program Time: 15:00-18:00 was a conference. Opening Ceremony Welcome remarks and statements were made specially on the occasion by those who gave their remarks.


H.E. Philbert Abaka Johnson, Chair of the Africa Group(5 minutes),H.E. Ambassador Christoph Thun- Hohenstein, Head, International Cultural Relations Department, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (5 minutes),Ms. Ghada Fathi Waly, Director General of UNOV/Executive Director of UNODC (5 minutes),Naat Mokhtar, Deputy Director General of IAEA (5 minutes),Fatou Hadara Deputy Director General of UNIDO (5 minutes),Junan Zhang Director of CTBTO (5 minutes) and Prof. Titus Leber (20 minutes) Presentation on Africa Interactive.

All the speakers said that there is a great need for development in Africa and we will all support it together and keep our programs in which we can do the best for Africa and Africa will develop. On this occasion, the ambassadors of different countries specially participated, including the Ambassador of Pakistan, Aftab Ahmad Khokhar. At the end of the conference, a program was started inside Rotunda which is the Cultural Event Display of African cuisine African music and dance. Which people liked a lot and enjoyed this program.