The celebration of Christmas around the world, the spring of colors, the gifts of happiness. The Christian community celebrates Christmas every year on December 25, which is the birthday of Jesus. It is the biggest festival of the Christian community. In this regard, a grand Christmas event organized by the Purple Sheep Association in Vienna, the capital of Austria, was organized on Friday, December 22, 2023 at five o’clock in the evening at a Schutzhaus Zukunft auf der Schmelze 1150 Vienna local restaurant.

In which not only the Christian community gathered in large numbers to celebrate Christmas, but important personalities of different religious communities and members of other religions also participated in the joy of Christmas and they congratulated the Christian community on Christmas and expressed their sincere wishes. First of all, Karin Klaric and President Purple sheep Association Kurosch Allahyari welcomed all the people in the ceremony. This event of community members and important personalities belonging to different schools of thought also turned into an interfaith gathering in which brotherhood, and unity were demonstrated. Seeing the best display of brotherhood and love in this event, all People’s hearts swelled with joy. Musical programs, sumptuous food and beautifully dressed men, women and children were presenting the gaiety. The attendees described it as a joy to celebrate such a festival and people belonging to all schools of thought. Karin Klaric CEO of the Purple Sheep Organization, while explaining about his organization said that. Purple Sheep was founded in April 2010, a legal consultancy for asylum seekers and foreigners, together with Kurosch Allahyari and Brigitte Mayer. Every day, Klaric experiences first-hand the effects of the xenophobic debate and the legal situation in the asylum zone, which is getting tougher every year.

After a January 2010 change in the asylum law – which she felt was ineligible for any human being – and the ensuing debate, she teamed up with friends to set a precedent against it wanted and wanted to fight together for a different coexistence in Austria. She further said. Our aim is to ensure that the observance, promotion and protection of human rights guaranteed by the Austrian Constitution are implemented in accordance with the principles of Respect – Protection – Fulfillment and that clear limits are set on public xenophobia. That is why we try – wherever possible – to support people who deserve protection with all our strength and knowledge, and we constantly remember the democratic constitutional state of Austria and its representatives of their work so that people.

To prevent rights violations and injustices, to enable active legal protection. Especially taking care of those who are the most vulnerable among us. She added, “We will continue to work until the decision-makers in Austria stop talking about people in political discourse as if they were. There is an epidemic, until they stop discussing it with Austrian “defense” and “security” and until they become aware. Again the original and core values and above all, the history of the founding of this republic and not to be afraid to implement them, she added about the Purple Shape.

What we do in particular:
We offer extensive free legal advice to asylum seekers and aliens on a voluntary basis.
We support and organize campaigns and initiatives that aim to respect and promote the rights of asylum seekers and foreigners. We provide anyone interested with information on current practice in the area of asylum and immigration law. We document cases of abuse and hardship and make them available to the public. We work closely with media representatives, artists and filmmakers to ensure factual and serious background information for their work.

In order to maintain its ability to criticize, the Purple Sheep Association rejects any state funding, is independent of parties and is financed exclusively by private donations.
The event also featured Christmas songs and various gifts for the children. In the end, everyone was served excellent food. At the end of the function, Karin Klaric, President Purple sheep Association Kurosch Allahyari and their entire association team Brigitte Mayer, Christian Henninger, MAX heil and Ziyad Mayer gave a thanked everyone for the Christmas event and wished everyone a Happy New Year 2024.