A Society Which Nurtures the Nature! Quayyum Raja

By: Quayyum Raja

Nature and Nurture is an unending debate among Psychologists and Social Scientists. Countless experiments were conducted in many advanced societies including Norway where experts made research on plants, animals and human beings to discover the effect of genes and environment. American experts hypothesized that genes play a decisive role in personality development while some Euro psychologists divided twins into different environments. They discovered that plants and human beings looked after in a better environment were healthier. The effect of genes is not completeky ruled out but if nature finds a positive and healthy environment, the personality is likely to grow more rapidly and strongly.

I see a similarity between the above studies and the progress of some of our relatives including a cousin of mine Hamid Ali Khurram Advocate. A number of our family doctors migrated to the United Kingdom, where they did well but doctors are needed in Europe and therefore more likely to be readjusted. Whereas, lawyers have to improve both professionally and linguistically. Khurram graduated from Azad Kashmir and obtained a Law Degree from Lahore. He subsequently practiced both in Lahore and AJK. He was also an enthusiastic political activist who was comparatively in a stronger position due to his father Raja Rauf Khan being a Deputy Commissioner who was closely associated to the ruling Muslim Conference replaced by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Still, Khurram faced so many obstacles here but when he went to England, he completed his legal course required for a legal practice, got his British passport and participated in local elections winning the second term in office.

In Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, political hereditary, wealth and army support play a decisive role in elections rather than candidates’ performance, competence, skills, experience, services and vision. This is why our society remains stagnant If we want to catch up with the world, we have to promote meritocracy and develop a sense of responsiveness like Europe, which must be praised for its ability to adjust guest communities into host society. History proves that only tolerant and meritocratic societies enjoy stability and progress. We have to learn from it.