A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight carrying foreign passengers from Kabul reached Islamabad.

“More than 140 foreign passengers have reached Islamabad by flight”

The second flight will leave for Kabul shortly. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA also flew to Kabul.

According to a PIA spokesman, special flights are being operated to bring Pakistanis and other foreigners stranded in Kabul to Pakistan.

The first flight was an Airbus 320, while the second will be operated by a Boeing 777. CEO Arshad Malik flew to Kabul Airport on the first flight to hold important meetings with Afghan civil aviation and NATO forces officials.

A PIA spokesman said that flights from other cities in Afghanistan were also being considered as per the instructions of Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

It may be recalled that the United Nations and other countries have also requested Pakistan to expel its members and citizens from Kabul.