New Delhi: A video of Muslim youth in India forcibly chanting the slogan ‘Pakistan is dead and India is alive’ has gone viral.

A video of the incident in Khajuri Khas area of ​​Delhi, the capital of India, went viral in which a man is forcibly torturing a Muslim youth and at the same time asking him to raise the slogan of “Pakistan is dead and India is alive”.

It can be seen in the video that Ajay Goswami is torturing a Muslim youth and repeatedly asking him to chant anti-Pakistan slogans while the Muslim youth is seeking refuge from him.
Ajay Goswami, the assailant, has been arrested by the police while a case of the incident has also been registered. However, the identity of the victim has not been revealed by the police.

According to police, Ajay Gavaswamy has been jailed in connection with the anti-Muslim riots in Delhi last year and has been out on bail for a few days now.