Lucknow: In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the situation of the spread of corona has worsened, hospitals are full of patients, an elderly patient suffering from corona kept going from one hospital to another with oxygen cylinders but no place was found.

According to the details, a hair-raising incident took place in the Indian city of Lucknow. A 70-year-old father suffering from corona infection was walking around the hospital with an oxygen cylinder but was not admitted to any hospital.

According to reports, Sushil Kumar, a resident of Aliganj, was brought back home by his son after he could not find a place in any hospital, where he is taking care of his father himself.

Sushil Kumar is also suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. On Wednesday, he suddenly started having difficulty in breathing. When he was taken to a local hospital, doctors refused to see him without a corona test, while his oxygen level was falling. Yes, when the test came, he came out positive.

According to media reports, the hospital where the patient was undergoing regular treatment refused to admit the senior citizen as there were no empty beds, on which Beta put the oxygen cylinder in the car and started moving him to other hospitals in the city. But no place was found.

Sushil Kumar’s son also pleaded with several doctors on the phone but got no help. The father also ran out of oxygen cylinders while visiting the hospital, for which he had to buy expensive oxygen cylinders from an oxygen center.

Ashish, the coroner’s son, said he was now taking care of his father at home, and that the incident had shocked his entire family.