48 Indian Citizens Renounced their Citizenship for Pakistan

Indian citizens, unhappy with India, started calling Indian citizenship Khairabad to get citizenship of other countries. Forty-eight Indian citizens renounced their citizenship for Pakistani citizenship.

According to the data of the Indian government, fourteen hundred people have given up their Indian citizenship and gone to China.

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The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs told the Parliament that during the last three years, more than 392,000 Indian citizens have renounced their local citizenship and settled abroad.

Last year, a total of 163,000 people renounced their Indian citizenship, 78,000 of them became American citizens.

Australian citizenship was followed by 23,533 people, Canadian citizenship by 21,597 citizens and British citizenship by 14,637 Indian citizens.

The government says that in 2019, more than 144,000 people renounced Indian citizenship, however, in 2020, this trend decreased somewhat, but last year saw the highest increase in this trend so far.