Taiwan: Worst passenger train crash kills dozens , A passenger train has crashed in Taiwan, killing 41 people.

According to foreign media reports, the incident took place in the area of ​​eastern Taiwan where a passenger train crashed into a tunnel, as a result of which several passengers were also injured, while this accident is being called the worst accident in 40 years.

According to media reports, 350 people were on board the 8-coach passenger train which crashed at around 9.30 am local time.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation says a passenger train derailed inside a tunnel that caused the crash, injuring about 40 people who were rushed to a hospital while others were trapped in the tunnel. There are also reports that rescue operations are underway.

According to media reports, the emergency services said that at least 70 people are likely to be trapped in the tunnel, some of whom are feared dead.

Emergency services say four train carriages were severely damaged in the crash and are trapped in a tunnel that is difficult to evacuate.