4 People have Decided to kill Me : Imran Khan Claims

Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan says that if something happens to me, the nation will never forgive 4 people.

In a statement, Imran Khan said, “What happened to me, the tape will be released, in which the names of four people will be revealed to the whole nation. My nation will not forgive these four people.”

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Chairman PTI said that four people have decided to kill me, if someone killed me, these people will say that a religious fanatic killed me.

Imran Khan said that the current rulers put their people on NAB, FIA and ended the cases, they are only ending their corruption cases, they are getting beaten everywhere and fake audios have been made.

He further said that audios are being leaked, PML-N has made fake videos whose expert is Maryam Nawaz, those planning against me will fail.